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Buyers Agents For Brisbane And Gold Coast Investment Property

We Are Specialist Buyers Agents For Brisbane And Gold Coast Investors

BuildingBuying investment property in Brisbane or the Gold Coast is very different to buying a family home. It requires an unemotional, disciplined approach to ensure you buy the best situated property with the best yield and capital growth prospects.

As Investors often come from different regions or states, they will not have the deep local knowledge required to ensure you know how to sort the bad investment properties from the good. And there are a lot of traps for inexperienced players. To buy successfully in the diverse Brisbane and Gold Coast investment property markets, it requires specialist local knowledge and very good contacts within the industry. Many of the best deals are done Off – Market.

Different regional and city property markets often move in different cycles. There is also a great deal of variety in the options and types of investment properties available. From Houses, to Units, Townhouses, Duplexes, Waterfront, etc.
They all have different metrics, and different prospects for yield and capital gain.

We specialise in buying good quality Investment properties in all the areas around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, where investors can be confident that they will build real wealth through well sourced, negotiated and managed properties.
After 25 years of buying for ourselves and our investor clients , we can definitely help you buy the right property.

Buying House

We answer the following vitally important questions for you when investing in Brisbane and the Gold Coast :

  • What is the best area to invest in now and can i buy securely.
  • What type of property should I buy: House, Apartment, unit, Villa, townhouse etc
  • Capital growth prospects, what suburbs have the best prospects
  • Rental yields that make owning investment property cash flow manageable
  • Current Market Trends for Brisbane and Gold Coast, what suburbs are hot and have potential
  • Basic Tax Implications for new investors
  • Renovation potential to add value
  • Property management services
  • Help to obtain Mortgage Finance

We guide you through the buying process from start to finish. This can also include helping to obtaining finance, appointing a conveyancer/solicitor, arranging building and pest inspections and organising any other services to simplify the process. You can buy investment property in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with confidence and safety.

Brisbane Buyers Agents see Investment Property Trending up: Following the Covid Pandemic, a surge of buying has come into the South East Qld property markets.

Brisbane in particular has seen a substantial lift in investor interest from interstate buyers and local investors. The top buyers agents are seeing triple the normal enquiry as investors re enter the property market after a few years of being on the side lines. Brisbane prices are definitely heading up and yet still have the highest yield on investment property of any capital city. Investors are seeing cashflow positive yields and can also expect strong capital gains. This appears to be a sustainable trend and could see a number of years of strong capital gains for Brisbane property investors that buy well and don’t get carried away and pay over the top prices. This website shows the Top Brisbane buyers agents The Best Buyers Agents in Brisbane – Real Estate Agents (top10realestateagent.com.au)

An unprecedented demand for Investment Property is being seen by Gold Coast Buyers Agents: A substantial surge in Investor interest has proved to be a remarkable time in property on the Gold Coast. Many interstate investors particularly are attracted to the strong population growth and up beat business forecasts that indicate good capital gains potential that the whole Gold Coast region has to offer. From the southern suburbs of Coolangatta and Palm Beach to the northern areas of Main Beach and Runaway Bay and all in between, there is good quality investment property that is showing cash flow positive yields in many situations. Gold Coast has such a diverse range of property types that Investors can pick and choose whether they want to invest in waterfront property or acreage with strong rises in land prices or pick a Unit in a high rise building that they may also use from time to time. The trend in prices continuing to rise looks set to continue for some years to come. In spite of those rises, buyers agents are still finding good deals for property investors.