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Buyers Agents For Brisbane And Gold Coast First Home Buyers

We Are Specialist Buyers Agents For First Home Buyers In Brisbane And The Gold Coast

HouseBuying your first home in Brisbane or the Gold Coast in what is now a very strong property market, can be daunting, difficult and very stressful. It requires a very good understanding of what you want to buy and at what price. You will be well served with our buyers agents unemotional and disciplined approach to ensure you buy the best situated property that really suits your needs and budget, and if investing, has the best yield and capital growth prospects.

As First Home Buyers often come from different suburbs or regions, they will not have the deep local knowledge required to ensure you know how to sort the over priced and poorly maintained properties from the good ones. There are a lot of traps for inexperienced 1st home buyers. To buy successfully on your first try in the diverse Brisbane and Gold Coast property markets, it requires specialist local knowledge and very good contacts within the real estate industry. Many of the best purchases are done Off – Market. Listening to the selling agent for advice is rarely a good idea as they work for the Owners. Experienced expert advice will be invaluable when buying that 1st home.

Our advice is completely independent so you will have access to the whole Brisbane and Gold Coast property market whether you are looking for an established property or a brand new property, not just selected developments.

Holding a keyNet Worth Buyers Agency can provide you with advice on :

  • What are the best areas to buy in.
  • Capital growth prospects. Established homes Vs new builds.
  • How to secure the property you want in a strong market.
  • Negotiating to buy but not overpay.
  • Choosing the right property that will suit you best and with in your budget.

We guide you through the whole buying process from start to finish. This can also include recommendations on obtaining finance, appointing a conveyancer/solicitor, arranging building and pest inspections and organising any other services to simplify the process.