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I would like to say thanks Craig for helping me find, negotiate and settle my second property.

They are both cash flow positive as they were bought so well. Dan Owen – Brisbane

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Buying property is a great investment IF you buy well from the outset. More than ever today, this requires a disciplined approach and understanding of property values.

Markets are constantly changing. If you buy the Right Investment Property, Family Home or SuperFund Asset, at the right price, it will make a significant difference to your Wealth.

However, if you over pay and buy the wrong property in a poor location , it can be very negative.

Net Worth Buyers Agents have a systematic buying process that takes the risk and stress out of buying property. You must know the local property market well and what represents real value and what doesn’t. This is where we are specialists!

Talk with our Professional Buyers Agent team today and we will help you purchase your ideal property quickly, efficiently and at below market price. You can buy right if you buy the smart way.

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Who should use our Buyer’s Agent services?

Anyone buying property today; Investors, Owner Occupiers, First Home Buyers, International Buyers and Expats buying back in Australia can benefit substantially from the experience and local market knowledge our buying team can offer.

When you engage Net Worth Buyers Agents, we are working exclusively for you to get the property you want, at a very good price. We prevent you from being manoeuvred to overpay, agree to unsuitable terms or buy a property that will not suit.

We are specialist Buyers Agents in Brisbane – Gold Coast and Ipswich.
Many good properties are never advertised or marketed. We have an extensive network of Agents and affiliates that allow us to find and secure some gems for our clients.

Call us today on 1300 593 283 to talk about how we can help you buy Smart and Buy Right.

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How Clients Benefit using Net Worth Buyer's Agents


I would like to say thanks Craig for helping me find, negotiate and settle my second property. They are both cash flow positive as they were bought so well…….. Dan Owen – Brisbane

Just a quick note to say thanks for helping us source such a great investment property project in Ipswich. It was the IDEAL property for us. You negotiated a….. Peter & Cath Gaynor – Ipswich

We are so impressed with the professionalism, skills and communication the Net Worth team showed when buying our property. We had been looking for… Jason and Kathy – Logan City

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windaroo-property-sales Home
Windaroo - $610,000
southport-property-sales Home
Southport, Gold Coast - $495,000
shailer-park-property-sales Home
Shailer Park - $465,000
pacific-pines-property-sales Home
Pacific Pines - $305,000
mansfield-property-sales Home
Mansfield, Brisbane - $770,000
loganholme-property-sales Home
Loganholme, Brisbane - $325,000
coombabah-property-sales Home
Coombabah - $315,000
biggera-waters-property-sales Home
Biggera Waters - $545,000

Just What is a Buyer’s Advocate?

buyers-advocate-picture-300x206 HomeWant to buy a house but simply overwhelmed by the whole house purchasing process? You’re not alone. Buying a home or investment property is a lengthy and often complicated process, which can be extremely difficult, especially if you are a first home buyer. Enlisting the help of a buyer’s agent, or buyer’s advocate can streamline the process, getting you the best bang for your buck and with limited stress.

Using a buyer’s advocate means you don’t have to learn everything there is to know about buying a home, investment property, or self managed super fund asset. You can skip learning all the intricacies and sorting out the best methods of house hunting and just let your advocate handle what they do best. It’s having an expert property buyer on your side, so you don’t have to bone up and become an expert yourself!

The ins and outs of buying a property

buying-property-doesnt-need-to-be-hard-300x180 HomeThere is a lot to learn throughout the whole property buying process, not matter where you are in Queensland – whether its Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, or regionally. How do you find a great house or apartment at the right price point? How do you know whether to low ball or high ball your offer in the current market? Should you wait for six months or a year to see if things change? What are the time periods involved in settlement?

There are so many intricate facets in purchasing a home. This can be extremely overwhelming if you’re not even sure where you need to start. While many of us lean on family to help in the buying process, things may have changed dramatically since the last time your parents purchased a home.

There are a few common mistakes that people make when they are purchasing houses, the most common of which is paying too much for what the property is actually worth. Now, overpaying for a coffee – $6 instead of $3.50 – isn’t such an issue. But when you’re talking about tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, well then you need to take things a little more seriously.

Property prices in comparison to wages are getting out of hand

According to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, figures show that the median house price in Brisbane is now $635,000. This is almost 8 times the average yearly salary across the country. Now, financial advisors recommend a maximum of 28% of your salary going towards mortgage repayments. Let’s say that you’ve paid a 10% deposit upfront on a median priced home of $63,500 which you’ve already saved many years for. That leaves you with a mortgage of $571,500. Even if interested rates are set at 3% for the length of your mortgage, you won’t even be able to pay off the home in 40 years!

This is why getting a good deal on a property in a desired area is so important. Getting a good price means that you’ll be able to actually pay off your mortgage in full in a reasonable amount of time. Getting a good price on the right property is where buyers agents can step in to help out.

What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent, or a buyer’s advocate, is a person who knows how to spot a good deal in the property market, and is an excellent negotiator in conversations and negotiating terms of sale – as well as prices.

It’s having someone with the insider knowledge who can put in the hard yards for you when you’re looking to buy a home. They know exactly what to do, all the rules and regulations, and have a wealth of experience in the whole process.

With an expert on side, they’ll hunt out the best deals for the property that you are after, in a suburb that is bound to be on the rise. Serving you up properties based on your list of stipulations, you’ll get a personally tailored experience, where you know you are only viewing quality properties that are value for money.

Buyers agents are able to easily spot a good deal within the property market, from years’ experience, and systems in place that help to analyse the property market and trends. If you’ve ever wondered how some people are so good at finding great housing deals and then flipping them, then this is the kind of person you need on your side.

NetWorth Buyers Agents on your side

NetWorth Buyers Agents are a buyer’s advocacy service, with a team of property buyer’s agents in place to help people from all walks of life, and in all sorts of financial situations, with their property purchasing experiences.

We have a specialised knowledge of the Queensland property market, and have a deep understanding of areas such as Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, and Logan, as well as surrounding suburbs and regional areas. What this means, is that no matter where you’re looking for property in Queensland – whether it’s a home to live in, or you’re looking for an asset to grow wealth – we’ve got you covered.

We provide advice and specialised services for all kinds of property buyers, from first home buyers, to investors, owner occupied, foreign or expat buyers, and self managed super fund buyers. Depending on the type of property purchase you’re looking to make, we can help provide guidance and advice to help you find and close the ideal property for you. Different types of buyers will have different needs, and we can tailor our approach to the home buying process appropriately for each circumstance.

If you are interested in learning more about our buyer’s advocate service, or would like to meet one of our team, then make sure to get in contact with us. Have a read through our online reviews to see what other customers have to say about our superior services. If there’s one thing we take great pride in, it’s making sure that our customers leave happy, safe in the knowledge that they’ve found the best deal possible.