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We know from personal experience how important it is to not let slack or inexperienced property managers or unreliable tenants undermine your rental returns.

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We find market opportunities based on our deep understanding of SEQ, our network and our experience.

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We are experienced at bidding for you at auction. Let us take the stress out of buying at auction.

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Buying property is a great investment if you buy well from the outset. We apply a disciplined approach to maximise your investment potential.


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Who should engage a buyers agent?

Anyone buying property today; Investors, Owner Occupiers, First Home Buyers, International Buyers and Expats buying back in Australia can benefit substantially from the experience and local market knowledge our buying team can offer.

Do you have access to off-market properties?

Many good properties are never advertised or marketed. We have an extensive network of Agents and affiliates that allow us to find and secure some gems for our clients.

Who do you work for?

When you engage Net Worth Buyers Agents, we are working exclusively for you to get the property you want, at a very good price. Remember that the agents you meet at open homes are working for the seller so their job is to get you to pay the maximum price – that is where we differ. We prevent you from being manoeuvred to overpay, agree to unsuitable terms or buy a property that will not suit.

What is a buyers agent or advocate?

A buyer’s agent, or a buyer’s advocate, is a person who knows how to spot a good deal in the property market, and is an excellent negotiator in conversations and negotiating terms of sale – as well as prices. Using a buyer’s advocate means you don’t have to learn everything there is to know about buying a home, investment property, or self managed super fund asset. You can skip learning all the intricacies and sorting out the best methods of house hunting and just let your advocate handle what they do best. It’s having an expert property buyer on your side, so you don’t have to bone up and become an expert yourself!

Can you manage my investment property?

Net Worth Property Consultants offer a comprehensive Property Management Service. Buying property well is only half the story in Property Investing. Ensuring that it is rented at a high rate, consistently and with modest ongoing rental commission rates is just as important. The management of a property, done correctly has a major impact on the overall outcome of the investment.


Located at the southern end of Redland Shire, Redland Bay is poised to enter a new era of growth that can put this coastal region in the realm of the best spots for investment properties on the Gold Coast. With its reputation as a tourist getaway that offers a one-of-a-kind holiday experience among the most breathtaking flora and fauna on the Gold Coast, Redland Bay has succeeded in bringing around 375,099 visitors in 2018 according to one research conducted by the Tourism Research Australia (TRA).

Redland Bay has one big advantage over other coastal localities – its enviable location. Besides being the most sought-after spot to settle in the Redland City, Redland Bay has long been the port for boats plying the near islands including Russell Island, Macleay Island, Karragara Island, Lamb Island and NorthStrandbroke Island. Investors interested in the vacation rental market will find that Redland Bay is a solid investment option as thousands of boating enthusiasts are visiting the coastline in order to experience a holiday destination that offers tranquil living with quick access to deep water.

What particularly distinguishes Redland Bay from other coastal suburbs are the crystal blue waters of Moreton Bay, the impressive hinterland and the abundance of marine life. In the last decade, Redland Bay has shown an exceptional ability to capitalise on its perfect boating location and sandy beaches and develop a robust industry. In 2007, the islands received enormous national attention as a news segment unveiled that the Bay Islands have the cheapest land in Australia.

Real estate in Redland Bay comprises low and high-end properties ranging from water-front units, vacation units and high-value homes as well as lavish mansions with beautiful gardens and pools. Redland Bay also seduces savvy buyers interested in luxury as the Bay Islands also offer properties that fall in the “prestige” real estate category with 6 and more bedrooms, saunas, and circular jacuzzis.

What makes Redland Bay a great location for tourism and business alike is that it’s just a short hop from Brisbane while it offers a tranquil and serene lifestyle by beautiful foreshores and world-class beaches.

In the last decades, the Redland Bay economy has grown by capitalising on its diverse natural surroundings through eco-tourism. Apart from tourism, other notable growing industries in this area include health care, education, social assistance, construction, manufacturing, technology, and visitor accommodation.

Growing families and retirees find the perfect place to settle in Redland Bay, as it offers seclusion and tranquillity by picturesque hinterlands while still in close proximity to educational and health facilities in Redland City. Scattered around the area are a number of shops, restaurants, and cafes as well as shopping centres including Redland Bay Village, Rededge and Donald Road.

The icing on the cake for potential investors is undoubtedly the fact that Redland Bay real estate prices are relatively lower compared to other coastal suburbs while still bringing a high return on investment. Redland Bay is steadily establishing its place on the map as a destination of choice for aspiring investors, businesses, and holidaymakers.