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Search to Settlement is our complete Buyer’s Agent Package and the most widely used Service

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This Service is for people who believe they may have found a suitable property and would like us to do the Due Diligence, Appraisal and Negotiation.

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We know from personal experience how important it is to not let slack or inexperienced property managers or unreliable tenants undermine your rental returns.

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We will represent you and we know how auctions work and what is the best way to secure the property you want at the right price.


We have years of experience in buying property, with access to many off-market property opportunities.
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Market Hot Spots

We find market opportunities based on our deep understanding of SEQ, our network and our experience.

Auction bidding

We are experienced at bidding for you at auction. Let us take the stress out of buying at auction.

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Buying property is a great investment if you buy well from the outset. We apply a disciplined approach to maximise your investment potential.


Experienced team of property professionals with a track record of saving our clients’ time and money.


We offer a low rate with no hidden extras. Remember we can save you money on your property purchase.

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Who should engage a buyers agent?

Anyone buying property today; Investors, Owner Occupiers, First Home Buyers, International Buyers and Expats buying back in Australia can benefit substantially from the experience and local market knowledge our buying team can offer.

Do you have access to off-market properties?

Many good properties are never advertised or marketed. We have an extensive network of Agents and affiliates that allow us to find and secure some gems for our clients.

Who do you work for?

When you engage Net Worth Buyers Agents, we are working exclusively for you to get the property you want, at a very good price. Remember that the agents you meet at open homes are working for the seller so their job is to get you to pay the maximum price – that is where we differ. We prevent you from being manoeuvred to overpay, agree to unsuitable terms or buy a property that will not suit.

What is a buyers agent or advocate?

A buyer’s agent, or a buyer’s advocate, is a person who knows how to spot a good deal in the property market, and is an excellent negotiator in conversations and negotiating terms of sale – as well as prices. Using a buyer’s advocate means you don’t have to learn everything there is to know about buying a home, investment property, or self managed super fund asset. You can skip learning all the intricacies and sorting out the best methods of house hunting and just let your advocate handle what they do best. It’s having an expert property buyer on your side, so you don’t have to bone up and become an expert yourself!

Can you manage my investment property?

Net Worth Property Consultants offer a comprehensive Property Management Service. Buying property well is only half the story in Property Investing. Ensuring that it is rented at a high rate, consistently and with modest ongoing rental commission rates is just as important. The management of a property, done correctly has a major impact on the overall outcome of the investment.


The Ipswich property market has proven stability and consistency over the last few decades and, by the looks of it, that will stay true in the coming years as a boom in Ipswich real estate market is on the horizon.

Ipswich is considered the fastest growing city in Queensland and is currently experiencing a surge in population growth due to the number of job opportunities and affordable housing. It is estimated that in the next 25 years its population will increase from 200,000 to 500,000.

With an ever-increasing population, affordable prices and employment growth – it’s easy to see why Ipswich is climbing the property hotspot lists, boosting investors’ confidence. Experts find that investors’ increasing demand for Ipswich is due to the far more affordable market compared to other urban regions in South East Queensland.

In the last decade, the construction and property development industry have experienced tremendous growth in order to meet and satisfy the housing demands of its residents. Springfield and Ripley are two of the major developments that are expected to catalyse a number of infrastructural developments and attract multinational businesses in the area. Springfield is a multi-million dollar development that was awarded World’s Best Planned Community in 2010 covering approximately 2,860 hectares and designed to support steady population growth. Ripley Valley is Australia’s largest-ever planned community for a projected population of 120,000 people.

These two master-planned communities are creating new job opportunities and Ipswich is set to become a business powerhouse in the near future. The direct connection to six major highways, three airports and the Port of Brisbane will only increase its chances to become a major business district.

A survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has shown that the largest number of total registered businesses in the area are in the construction industry. Since 2001, Ipswich has recorded an impressive 47% annual growth in the property and construction sectors.

Current housing constructions and market conditions present a tremendous opportunity for investors to buy properties with confidence, due to the great probability that within a decade their value will only steadily increase.

Apart from the construction, other notable growing industries in the area include transport, logistics, advanced manufacturing, education, energy as well as mining.

Ipswich is the home of USQ Ipswich – the University of Southern Queensland where thousands of students are enjoying world-class education. Due to a large number of students relocating to Ipswich each year, buyers interested in the rental real estate market can expect high rental yields. Currently, Ipswich CBD is undergoing a $150 million revitalization that will include a new council administration building, library and redevelopment of the St Andrews Hospital in the Ipswich health precinct. Once finished the area will offer a number of job prospects considering that health is the fastest-growing job market in Australia.

When it comes to Ipswich, the employment prospects and the constant surge of infrastructural-based developments is what really sets the deal for investors. As the area keeps on expanding, Ipswich is a safe bet for aspiring investors.