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Buyers Agent Services for Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Clarence Valley : NSW Australia

Search to Settlement

Search to Settlement is our complete Buyer’s Agent Package and the most widely used Service

Appraisal and Negotiation

This Service is for people who believe they may have found a suitable property and would like us to do the Due Diligence, Appraisal and Negotiation.

Property Management

We know from personal experience how important it is to not let slack or inexperienced property managers or unreliable tenants undermine your rental returns.

Auction Bidding Services

We will represent you and we know how auctions work and what is the best way to secure the property you want at the right price.


We have years of experience in buying property, with access to many off-market property opportunities.
Save time and money using our knowledge and contacts.

Whether you’re after a Home or an Investment Property, our Buyers Advocate service ensures you buy right every time.

1. Find property where real value is identified. Our clients do not overpay
2. Negotiate the best possible deal. Our buying agents are expert negotiators.
3. Do the hard work for you. Our buying process will save you time, money and stress.


Market Hot Spots

We find market opportunities based on our deep understanding of SEQ, our network and our experience.

Auction bidding

We are experienced at bidding for you at auction. Let us take the stress out of buying at auction.

Investment knowledge

Buying property is a great investment if you buy well from the outset. We apply a disciplined approach to maximise your investment potential.


Experienced team of property professionals with a track record of saving our clients’ time and money.


We offer a low rate with no hidden extras. Remember we can save you money on your property purchase.

Save Thousands

Our on-site inspection process, due diligence, appraisal and negotiation mean you won’t pay too much.


Who should engage a buyers agent?

Anyone buying property today; Investors, Owner Occupiers, First Home Buyers, International Buyers and Expats buying back in Australia can benefit substantially from the experience and local market knowledge our buying team can offer.

Do you have access to off-market properties?

Many good properties are never advertised or marketed. We have an extensive network of Agents and affiliates that allow us to find and secure some gems for our clients.

Who do you work for?

When you engage Net Worth Buyers Agents, we are working exclusively for you to get the property you want, at a very good price. Remember that the agents you meet at open homes are working for the seller so their job is to get you to pay the maximum price – that is where we differ. We prevent you from being manoeuvred to overpay, agree to unsuitable terms or buy a property that will not suit.

What is a buyers agent or advocate?

A buyer’s agent, or a buyer’s advocate, is a person who knows how to spot a good deal in the property market, and is an excellent negotiator in conversations and negotiating terms of sale – as well as prices. Using a buyer’s advocate means you don’t have to learn everything there is to know about buying a home, investment property, or self managed super fund asset. You can skip learning all the intricacies and sorting out the best methods of house hunting and just let your advocate handle what they do best. It’s having an expert property buyer on your side, so you don’t have to bone up and become an expert yourself!

Can you manage my investment property?

Net Worth Property Consultants offer a comprehensive Property Management Service. Buying property well is only half the story in Property Investing. Ensuring that it is rented at a high rate, consistently and with modest ongoing rental commission rates is just as important. The management of a property, done correctly has a major impact on the overall outcome of the investment.

Towns we Service as Buyers Agents and Advocates including :
Grafton, South Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Clarance Valley NSW Australia 2460

Yamba: How Yamba in the Clarence Valley on the NSW North Coast hasn’t become the next Byron Bay is anyone’s guess. Buyers Agents like Sarah Cochrane have been expecting Yamba property prices to lift quickly this year. That’s not to say it’s a complete secret; but with its world-famous surf breaks, perfect beaches and a town with the right amount of buzz, Yamba should be Australia’s favourite beach escape for families looking to buy into a solid real estate market. There’s something about the arrangement of the headlands and beaches, the nooks and crannies of the waterways, the pleasure craft in the marina, the pelicans and ospreys, the dolphins and whales that make Yamba special.

Put another way, Yamba evokes feelings you might have had as a kid – and for all it’s excellent contemporary dining, cafes, accommodation and shopping.

There’s also a number of excellent aquatic experiences available in Yamba: a multitude of fishing options, boat charters, river cruises, , kayaking tours, whale watching tours in season, not to mention patrolled beaches for surf bathing, and a number of great surf breaks for boardriders.

All this activity’s sure to bring an influx of new city buyers interested in all the lifestyle options real estate here offers. From fine dining to groovy cafés, to quality pub meals to takeaways, it’s all on offer in Yamba , and if you like your seafood fresh and local, well, you’re in heaven right here.

Grafton & South Grafton are known as a Town of trees, with its charms now hidden from the highway with the by-pass, but rewarding those who venture within. As a larger regional hub with a growing population, Grafton is seeing quite a strong move up in its real estate market. Buyers are often local but there is strong interest from Sydney Buyers looking for good yielding property. The price difference to buy a property in Grafton as compared to elsewhere is significantly less than the other cities in NSW.

Buyers Advocate Sarah Cochrane calls Grafton home and is delighted to see the increasing interest in the value and lifestyle people are seeing here.

For locals it is place of beauty, heritage and soul. It is also the beating heart of the Clarence Valley. Grafton, both north and south, is blessed with broad avenues and pretty architecture. There is an abundance of beautiful trees, parks and fine old homes. Walking or cycling along the streets and pathways gives you the opportunity to absorb and ‘feel’ Grafton’s retro “country town” style in a quiet and reflective manner.

It is not hard to see the attraction this town has to both first home buyers and experienced Investors. There is the expansive river views of the Clarence, and Susan Island. You will see many locals taking advantage of the river on their doorstep. It is perfect for skiing, fishing, kayaking, , wake boarding, sailing, and swimming . Once you have experienced Grafton’s many charms you will not want to leave.

Coffs Harbour: The town of Coffs Harbour was established at the edge of the Solitary Islands Marine Park, a haven for dolphins, turtles, tropical fish and migrating whales. Near the city’s heritage-listed jetty, a marina breakwater bridges the nature reserve of Muttonbird Island with magnificent views of the Solitary Islands. Boating, fishing and diving tours are available from the Jetty Marina Area.

The town has experienced constant growth in its population and is an important regional hub in its own right. Real Estate prices have been rising with the post pandemic market surge where property buyers are having to compete with new locals looking to buy into a tight market. Sarah Cochrane is a local Buyers agent and advocate that says the amount of interest in the Coffs Harbour property market is almost unprecedented. With strong demand for existing homes and apartments it takes quick and decisive action to secure the property you want.

Those calling Coffs Harbour home often go to Jetty Beach or do walks along the strip and explore the many restaurants and cafes. At the heart of the beach region, Coffs Harbour is a wonderful destination for family holidays and just taking time out. There are so many attractions, from great bushwalking and whale watching to the iconic stunning beaches and marine sanctuary. This beachside city is full of attractions.

Minnie Water: is a smaller town but is considered an absolute gem of a beach village! Minnie Waters is one of the older fishing settlements on the coast, due to good anchorage in the shelter of the southern reef. There is a limited supply of houses and vacant land to build on so real estate prices have been rising due to buyers looking for the next value regional area that they can purchase in and know they have bought well. Prices look like they are going to continue to trend up. Many of the older properties that made it so suitable for fishermen in the days of old are still there and are exactly what makes it perfect for today’s holidaymakers, home buyers or investors.

Wooli: Is a real surprise. Just when you think you’ve seen all the coastal gems the Clarence Valley has to offer, Wooli’s beautiful aqua river and beach headlands along a narrow peninsula make you realise there’s still more magic to be found. Wooli is a family holidaymakers paradise and is also famous for its oysters! The Wooli Wooli River is known to be one of the most pristine river systems in NSW, where some of the purest, most delicious oysters are cultivated. The fishing is excellent as well.
Unsurprisingly the price of property there is firm and still rising. People looking to buy in Wooli need to be patient and will likely need to work with a local Buyers Agent and advocate to unearth an off market property if they want to beat the competition to the limited available properties. People just love the lifestyle, whether that is to kayak, hire a boat or try some stand-up paddle boarding, all in this gorgeous location surrounded by the national park.